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centri massaggi milano HPLC Hemoglobin Fractions

chat x single Hemoglobinopathies are diseases characterized by abnormal quantitative and qualitative in hemoglobin synthesis. Generally they consist diseases genetically inherited but, sometimes, they can be caused by mutations spontaneous. Diseases are monogenic, autosomal recessive and more common in humans.

siti incontri italia Monogenic diseases, and autosomal recessive diseases are caused by mutations in a single gene (monogenic) located in one of the 44 autosomes and that does not manifest itself in the carrier (recessive). The term thalassemia is used to describe genetic diseases of globine due to a reduced synthesis of one or more globin chains and thus to a synthesis entry hemoglobin or hemoglobin in which the chain belongs.

scambi di coppia Among the most common are the beta-thalassemia due to reduced synthesis chain beta-globin. They were identified more than 200 mutations of the beta gene, found in different ethnic groups, and within each geographic population there are specific mutations. To diagnose a disease thalassemia and / or thalassemia trait are performed the following tests:

  • - Complete blood count (CBC).
  • - High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to quantify hemoglobin A2 and F.
  • - Free erythrocyte protoporphyrin (or ferritin or other studies of iron levels in the serum).

conoscere anima gemella The CBC identifies the low levels of hemoglobin, the microcytosis and other abnormal erythrocyte characteristics for the diagnosis of thalassemia. Because sometimes traits disorder can be difficult to distinguish from iron deficiencies, tests to assess the levels of iron are important.

incontri donna lecce The High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can help to identify the types and quantities of hemoglobin produced by the subject. The results obtained with the HPLC. They are generally the norm for all types of alpha thalassemia. The levels of HbA2 and sometimes HbF are rather high in the event of illness or beta-thalassemia trait.

tempo a trento HPLC can also detect structurally abnormal hemoglobin that They can be inherited along with a thalassemia trait, causing illness thalassemic (eg. hemoglobin E) or other types of hemoglobin diseases (eg. Sickle cell anemia).

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